The city of Lviv as it is

Permanent (4 of the day)


  • accommodation
  • three meals a day
  • transit
  • excursion service
  • insurance

Price on request


Tour itinerary:

  • Kyiv
  • Lviv
  • Zlochev
  • Pidhirtsi
  • Olesko
  • Lviv
  • Kyiv

Uliana Alekseeva

Tour Manager
  • Contacts:
  • +38 067 556 59 02

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Tour program

9:00 pm - Group gathering at a designated location;

9:30 pm -04:00 am - transfer from Kyiv to Lviv, check-in at Reikartz Medival Lviv

07:00 am -09:00 am - Buffet breakfast

10:00 am Start of City Tour by Bus (with Tourist Access):

For a three-hour bus ride you will see the magnificent St. George's Cathedral in the Baroque style, stroll through the Lychakiv Cemetery and climb to the highest point of Lviv - the High Castle! The perfect combination of walking tours and bus excursions, which will reveal to you many of Lviv's most interesting places.

1:30 pm Beginning of a gastronomic excursion in Lviv:

A gastronomic excursion, during which we will visit the best restaurants of the city of Leo: the restaurant-pub "Mons Pius", "Restaurant Bachevsky", as well as the real oasis of Galician cuisine "Kumel". Tasty lunch at the legendary museum-restaurant "Salo", Visit the cult place of Lviv cuisine "Trapezna". So how do we get past that Coffee Lviv? Let's not miss and taste! Unique delicacies and exciting stories waiting for you!

8:00 pm “Nightwatch” Adventure Tour.

Imagine an evening Lviv ... Imagined? Then you are right at the address!

We will show all the beauty of night Lviv, and tell all the secrets and legends of the old streets of the Old Town of Lion. Together with the honorary burgomaster we will hold secret ceremonies, get into unforgettable adventures and get acquainted with the night residents of Lviv

08:00 am -09:00 am - Breakfast buffet

09:00 am Start of a fascinating journey through the “Golden Horseshoe” of Lviv region:

10:00 am Visit the first castle – Zolochivsky

12:00 pm Pidhirtsi castle

2:00 pm Olesko Castle

3:20 pm Lunch at Gridnitsa Restaurant

4:30 pm And then the most interesting waitinng for you: Real knightly tournament.

Knights wrapped in metal will come together in a real fight. You will hear a story about medieval armor, types of weapons and principles of their use. And you can not only support, but also take part in a fencing master class. If you wish, you’ll be able to summon your colleagues for a duel, and our knights will be impartial judges;

- after the duels we will invite you to the knights fun: archery and crossbow shooting, throwing lists, tug of war, master class walking on stilts, fight on a log and other tasks and competitions;

- a medieval ball where you will see the dancing of charming maidens and take part in a masterclass on ancient dances of France, Italy, Scandinavia and Rus;

- a bright fiery mystery dance, which in our time is called "Fire show". A story of myths and legends, illustrated with plastic dance and all colors of fire;

Approximate return to Lviv 9:00 pm.

08:00 am -11:00 am - Breakfast buffet

Until 12:00 pm check-out and transfer to Lviv-Kyiv