We have only positive memories about the vacation in "Reikartz ". Everything is very interesting, useful and organized. There was a program full of various competitions, master classes, games for kids, which were different every day. Plenty of activities for udults as well: swimming pool, gym, yoga or an ordinary walk. Excursion to Synevyr lake and Rehab center for brown bears left good memories and impressions for both kids and the adults. Special thanks for the tasty, healthy and diverse food. Manager Ulyana is great. Thank you for your understanding and help in various situations. Beautiful landscapes, friendly staff, clean area, positive emotions and a relaxed atmosphere - all sets your mind to want to come to Reikartz again. You are awesome 👍We sincerely thank you for the rest.

Луценко Ольга Борисівна


Ulyana Alekseeva is a very hard-working and well-organized manager. Thanks to her, my vacation and the holidays of my children were very busy, active and memorable. Thanks a lot! I would also like to note the work of the coach of Pilates and yoga Tatyana. This is a true professional. I hope that when we rest in the " Reikartz Karpaty " next time we will meet again at the training sessions. We were well fed with tasty and healthy food. Thanks a lot to everyone!



Great tour. Well organized, transfers are on time. Excursions are interesting and educative, the guide is charming). Food delicious, entertainment awesome - paradise for children, rest for parents. Thanks!

Ірина Шірпал


In search of vacation, I saw the tour "Autumn Vacation" for children and adults. I liked the program, so I chose it and I have never regretted this decision. The program for kids is very rich and interesting - no time to sit in different gadgets, which was very pleasing for me as a mother.))The variety of master classes: making the gypsum picture, drawing a print on a T-shirt, making a soap, etc. Pool, games with animators in gaming rooms and in the fresh air (there was a big plus, that the weather was wonderful - the third "Babyne lito", as locals say))))) Liked the excursion to Synevyr lake, the Rehab center for brown bears and in the “village of 10 museums” Kolochava. A tour guide, true professional and a great storyteller – told a lot of historical facts and folk legends, so the road was interesting, in spite of it’s a bit long. As for the hotel itself, it is good, comfortable and clean. The type of buffet- mainly European cuisine, tasty and varied. No one remain hungry neither children, nor adults - had a variety of meals. Though being in Transcarpathia I would like to see more of the national Ukrainian dishes in the menu, that are cooked here in this region, which practically were not included. But this is a question more to the hotel. Regarding the tour, a special thanks to the manager Ulyana. Everything is organized perfectly, everything is always under control, you can always ask her if necessary. She is a real professional. Thank you! Of course, we want to go to such a tour again and definitely recommend to others!

Арина Карнажицкая


Everything’s good, though I would like more offers for a family tour in Europe. Maybe even an emphasis on learning English.

Качуріна Оксана


Excellent vacation with your child! Everything’s on the top level! Many thanks to the organizers and especially to the manager Ulyana Alekseeva, who was with us throughout the time of holidays! Many thanks to the animators, who were all 100% in when dealing with children. I recommend this holidays for the next year!

Лоза Анна


Thanks to Reikartz for the best children’s vacation in the Carpathians. Everything was wonderful - accommodation, food, leisure, activities, the kids were satisfied and happy, now they count the days until spring break to return to Reikartz. Special thanks to the tour manager Ulyana for help and assistance in any matters. See you beloved Reikartz! ❤

Бородин Сергей


Absolutely wonderful journey. Indeed - fabulous! Hotel Reikartz Polyana is a great place to relax with consistently excellent service. There is no need to write about cleanness, tasty food at breakfasts and dinners, kindness of the staff - it's Reikartz as it is! A rich and interesting program every day is a great opportunity to taste and get filled intellectually and feel with your own skin the beauty and hospitality of this land. Thanks to all-all staff of the hotel, lovely girls from the reception Victoria and Irina, special thanks to the tour manager Ulyana. I recommend to everyone the services of Reikartz Travel and I will definitely use them again.