Gift certificates to order

Gift certificates to order

Give bright emotions and unforgettable impressions to your near and dear ones. A gift certificate for any tour from Reikartz Travel Ukraine provides a large selection of tourist routes to various places in Ukraine. Where everyone will discover new and unexplored routes, get acquainted with local colors and cultural centers, plunge into the gastronomic culture of the Middle Ages and rest with all your heart and soul!

For your convenience, we have prepared 3 certificates of various denominations:

- 500 UAH
- 1000 UAH
- 2000 UAH

What you need to do to buy a certificate:

1. Choose a nominal
2. Email us at or call
+38 067 556 59 02
3. Pay the bill for the selected amount

Done! Only 3 steps and the best gift to your family and friends is ready!

How to use the certificate upon receipt:
With the certificate you can pay the full cost or part of it from any tour that is presented on the site, you can also make up with the manager your own unique tour in Ukraine.

Certificate validity period: 6 months from the date of payment.

Give emotions to your relatives - this is so important!