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Cookie Policy

By using the website and other related mobile applications, services and tools, you agree to the Reikartz Travel Ukraine Privacy Policy and to the use of cookies set by us and third parties, as well as to the use of cookies. other technologies for tracking actions on the site to ensure its correct operation. In particular, we may collect aggregate data about your use of the Site in order to improve your interaction with you on the Internet and to manage marketing and service appeals to you. You may disable some cookies used by us, but this may affect the ability and correctness of the use of our site (mobile application).

In compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation adopted by EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR), in terms of personal data processing and protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector of the e-Privacy Directive, we need your consent to use files cookies, and their installation on your devices.

This Cookie Use Policy provides the necessary information about our use of cookies, the purposes for which we use these cookies and your rights.



A cookie is a small file that is created when you use a website and stores information in a browser or on a device that has been accessed.

The cookies stored on your device do not identify a specific user, but the computer or mobile device you are using using randomly generated identification tags.

More information about cookies can be found at these sites:

What do we use cookies for?

In order to use our site more effectively, your computer or mobile device must accept cookies in the following cases:

To ensure the process of booking air transportation or other service on our website.

To provide information that can help us understand what you liked on our site and in our e-mails, and what - no. This helps us to offer you more individual options and more relevant information on subsequent visits.

To save data such as the parameters of your chosen language and country, your last flight search, so that we can further adapt our site to your needs.

To evaluate the effectiveness of our site (mobile application), including posted marketing information.

What credentials do your cookies contain?

A standard cookie contains information about the identity of your web browser, not the user. This cookie remembers your settings, the history of navigating the site pages, optimizes the user's work, saves the settings you set.

Some of the cookies we use may store more detailed information that may even allow you to be identified, and may contain more of your personal information. However, additional information about your identification can be entered only by you personally and knowingly passed to us, and only if you confirm your personal consent.

Cookie categories and management

The classification of cookies on our website is based on the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce regarding cookies.



"Strictly necessary" cookies are mandatory and necessary to ensure the correct movement and use of website features that meet the requirements:
- free website navigation;
- memorizing previous actions as soon as you go back to the page in one session;
- secure access for the user to the protected areas of the Web-resource and the use of its full functionality;
- interaction with applications of the Web-resource and ease of navigation of all its services;
- booking a room.

Cookies in this category do not collect any personal information about you. They are temporary and are deleted as soon as you finish using your web browser.



Productivity cookies are used for anonymous collection of statistical information, analysis of website performance, quality of our services. Such data include:
- Web analytics. Website traffic tracking in order to provide a stable and reliable service;
- Affiliate tracking. There is an anonymous message to partners that one of our visitors has also visited their website.- Error handling. Needed to help us improve the website by identifying any errors that occur and their causes;
- Tracking technologies. Needed to prevent fraud and security breaches;
- Development testing. Performs testing of various development options of our website;
- Statistics of responses to marketing information. Used to analyze how effective our marketing information is.

We use Google Analytics to track performance data. This is an analytics web service provided by a third-party provider, Google, Inc. Information about the use of the website is governed by the Google Privacy Shield privacy certificate and a separate data processing agreement signed with Google. See detailed information. on the site in the section information about Google Analytics and data privacy.



"Functional" cookies are permanent and allow you to personalize the content of our website in accordance with the customer's requirements, and thus be able to:
- contact you by name;
- use the requirements for regional and language parameters;
- recognize your devices and check the authenticity of authorization;
- support the use of geographically linked tools to determine your location;
- use the selected hotel when booking a room.

Cookies of this category analyze your actions during the use of the website and do not contain personal data of personal identification of customers.



Marketing cookies are designed to interact with third parties through content delivery tracking technology, placing targeted advertising on our behalf that meets your interests in our site and third-party sites, based on how you interact with the application, advertising or content. This allows:
- improve the relevance and personalization of marketing activities;
- Limit the number of marketing recurrences or ad impressions.
- conduct surveys on the quality of customer service;
- evaluate the effectiveness of marketing / advertising campaigns.

Cookies in this category are managed by third parties. Detailed information on the protection of privacy when using the websites of such third parties can be found in the table below.

Cookie management and tracking technology

We take the privacy of your information very seriously, so we do not attach any personally identifiable information to cookies.

You may refuse to accept, restrict, or delete cookies altogether by customizing your web browser accordingly. Your web browser settings are available at the following links:

- Safari
- Chrome
- Firefox 
- Opera 
- Internet Explorer
- Microsoft Edge

Pay attention! Using personalized web browser settings may result in limited access to some sections of the site or incomplete operation, as well as prevent your devices from being identified and properly collected, so:

we will not be aware of your opt-out behavior, so third-party banners will reappear when you visit other sites;

We will not be able to automatically know that you have agreed to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and other terms and conditions, so confirmation requests will appear each time you visit the site.

You can also opt out of the behavioral online advertising of third-party advertisers who manage ads that are more relevant to your interests by setting individual preferences by visiting these websites:

Withdrawal of our consent to the use of cookies by us is done by setting individual settings for your web browser and deleting cookies from the web browser.

Other tracking technologies

Social media access buttons are used so that our customers can share a link to a web page or create an electronic bookmark. These buttons are links to third-party social networking websites, which in turn may record information about your online activity, including on that website. Please read the relevant terms of use and privacy policy of such sites to understand how they use your data and how you can refuse to use your data and delete it.

Third-party web services. Sometimes on our website we use third-party web services to display images, watch videos or organize polls. As with social media access buttons, we cannot prevent these sites or external domains from collecting information about how you use the content of the site.



For unlimited navigation and full use of all sections of our website, we recommend that you agree to our use of cookies of all categories, confirming your choice by clicking the button below.